Welcome to Cutting Edge!

Now more than ever, men need to stay connected, to talk and share the struggles they may be experiencing. There has been an epidemic of loneliness amongst many men, and the experiences of isolation during the covid pandemic has not helped. Suicide still remains the biggest killer of men under the age of 50!

We meet up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning with a mix of in-person and online groups, to talk and fellowship together, sharing real life issues that are affecting us. We also host additional events throughout the year, to help build one another up in the Christian faith. You can check these out here.

Every man is welcome and assured of a place where they can belong and contribute.

Our group has been running since 2003, growing in number over the years, attracting men from all across the UK, from a diverse range of backgrounds. This has been credited to the strong relationships developed over time and the forming of a Band of Brothers, by welcoming any man looking for genuine friendship & fellowship.

If this is you, then please contact us here

It will be great to meet you!