Welcome to our New Blog

Welcome to the new Cutting Edge Blog. The purpose is to provide feedback and notification on the events we hold during the year.
This month of April 2013 saw 3 events take place:

1. The kick off of the Cutting Edge Catapult Club – making of Disciples
2. ‘Let’s get ready to Rumble’ Evangelistic Boxing Event
3. Men’s Breakfast – the Topic: Work: Why do we work?

The Catapult Club – Taking place every second Monday of the month2013-02-11 22.22.54
TOPIC: The Word

This is a new initiative, creating the environment for Christian Men to grow in their faith. Over the year, we will look at a whole number of topics. This month, we looked at
‘The Word’. Jonathan Longstaff invited us to take a closer look at to what does this mean by posing questions such as:

What is the Word of God?
How do I view the Word?
How do I respond to the Word? Do I put it on like a soldier’s armour?
How do I read the Word?
How do I live out the Word?
To what extent is God’s Word directing where my feet tread?
To what extent is God’s Word making sense of the world for me?

Many other questions came up from the group of men that attended.

This session reminded us of how important it is to read the bible. But not only to read it, ………but to study it! That what discipleship means. To be a student of the teachings (of Christ).
Please email us if you would like the notes from the session: info@cemwp.org



Cutting Edge is the Christian Men's Ministry Network based out of All Saints Church, Woodford Wells, Essex. It takes its name from Proverbs 27 v 17 - "As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another." Celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2013, the network has grown to reaching over 200 men from over 40 churches in the North East London and Essex area. We host regular Breakfast Events and an Annual Weekend Away as well as other additional outreach and discipleship initiatives where Christian men can come and gather, bring their mates, build relationship, learning and growing together in Godly Manhood. All men welcome. Checkout our website and Facebook page for up and coming events.
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