Prayer – We need it and God requires it!

This was the message declared at the second meeting of The Catapult Club – the making of Disciples which took place on Monday, 13 May 2013.

After burgers and refreshments and a time of fellowship, the evening opened with a special time of worship led by Carl Bodecker, proclaiming Gods goodness and Sovereignty.
This prepared our minds and spirit to be attentive to the topic of the evening which was PRAYER.

David Orange led the discussion offering rich insight and instruction with a host of biblical references relating to:
Why Prayer is important?
The Secret to a successful prayer life
How to pray
Patterns of prayer
Obstacles to prayer
The benefit of a Prayer Journal

The learning gained from the discussion of the night included:

–        We need prayer and God requires it!

–        The secret to successful prayer is found in John 15 – Abide and remain in me’. How? Read God’s word; keep his commands and fellowship within the body.

–        If you do not know what to pray, groan spiritually (Romans 8 v26-27)

–        Pray, in the Will of God (1 John 5 v14) How do you know Gods Will? Spend time with him and read his word. Often our prayers can just be a list of our wishes and concerns, or only in times of crisis.

–        Our praying allows us to enter into God plan and to be involved in it.

–        Patterns of prayer such as The ACTS Prayer Model and The Lord’s Prayer Patten, which can be found in the book The Great House of God by Max Lucado can help provide a structure to prayer.

–        Prayer changes us! When we pray, God turns his ear towards us! (Psalm 116 v 1-2)

–        Jesus needed prayer! If he needed it, then how much more do we.

–        Obstacles to prayer that we can experience are: Time and being busy. We must make time. We must prioritise and make it important.
We must be disciplined over it. Romans 12 v 12 – be steadfast in prayer. It is easy to give up.
Hidden and unconfessed sin can be a block to prayer.

–        By keeping a prayer journal, we can see where our prayers have been answered which deepens our faith even further.

–        Not all of our prayers are answered in the way we expect or desire. If we keep close to God, remaining in prayer and reading his word, then by the grace of his Holy Spirit, we look to understand HIS will in all situations.

Our next Catapult Club will be on Monday 10 June. Please subscribe to this blog to receive more information nearer the time as to the topic and venue for the night. We invite all men to come and join us.
Posted by Rob Santer



Cutting Edge is the Christian Men's Ministry Network based out of All Saints Church, Woodford Wells, Essex. It takes its name from Proverbs 27 v 17 - "As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another." Celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2013, the network has grown to reaching over 200 men from over 40 churches in the North East London and Essex area. We host regular Breakfast Events and an Annual Weekend Away as well as other additional outreach and discipleship initiatives where Christian men can come and gather, bring their mates, build relationship, learning and growing together in Godly Manhood. All men welcome. Checkout our website and Facebook page for up and coming events.
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