25 Ways a Husband Should Love His Wife



It is no secret that marriage has been under attack recently. It is also evident from the conversations I have with many men, that every marriage has its own challenges and frustrations. With a number of people I coach, (both men and women), relationships are a key area for discussion where a breakthrough is desired. It is very easy to let the fullness of life take over where busyness not only becomes a reason not to spend dedicated time with God, but to also not to spend quality time with our wives, investing into her into a similar manner to what we first did to win her heart!

It has always been my desire to share any resource that can help another man grow, develop, gain insight, wisdom or encouragement in any way, and to win in the game called Life. Today I wanted to share with you a resource that I have been receiving for sometime now and have been meaning to email out, to encourage you to also sign up.
This weeks subject is  25 Ways a Husband Should Love His Wife.
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Do come back to me and share any feedback that you think would be useful to other men. If you would be interested to know more as to how I could possibly help you in a coaching capacity, please drop me a line. I will be communicating more about this resource in future emails.

Posted by: Rob Santer   E: robsanter@cemwp.org



Cutting Edge is the Christian Men's Ministry Network based out of All Saints Church, Woodford Wells, Essex. It takes its name from Proverbs 27 v 17 - "As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another." Celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2013, the network has grown to reaching over 200 men from over 40 churches in the North East London and Essex area. We host regular Breakfast Events and an Annual Weekend Away as well as other additional outreach and discipleship initiatives where Christian men can come and gather, bring their mates, build relationship, learning and growing together in Godly Manhood. All men welcome. Checkout our website and Facebook page for up and coming events.
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