Did I Make the Grade in my Marriage Vows?

One reason why the marriage course is so useful, is that unless one is intentional within their relationships, it is very easy for neglect and complacency to creep in. Having a ‘Marriage MOT’ every now and then can help to repair, replenish, remind and recharge the relationship we have with our loved one.

Did I Make the Grade in my Marriage Vows?

Last week I received an email with this link and being competitive in nature, I was compelled to read it! After all, we all like to think we make the grade, don’t we?
I think posing a question like this and following it through as this man does takes courage and humility.

What do you think?

Read here: http://www.charismamag.com/life/men/19969-did-i-make-the-grade-in-my-marriage-vows



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