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Shortly after forming as a Men’s Group, Cutting Edge partnered with CVM to benefit from the valuable resources on offer to help in its outreach activities towards men.

CVM (Christian Vision for Men) is a grassroots movement whose mission is to win a million men to Christ! It is made up of thousands of men who believe the message of Jesus is true, relevant and much needed in the UK today. CVM exists to serve the local church to engage with men in every village, town and city in this country. The movement is a faithful reaction to the significant number of men who have walked away from the Christian church during the last 30 years. See Winning Men page.

CVM supports and equips anyone who believes the Christian message can still radically change people’s lives today. The movement is accessible to men from every background, church and culture. CVM employs specialist Christian communicators operating in sport, the work place, Asian culture, sub-cultures, minority groups and beyond.

We are stacked full of resources, ideas and contacts.

As well as being on team with Cutting Edge, Rob Santer is Director for CVM London.
He welcomes the opportunity to speak with any group or church to see what’s working, what’s not and how CVM can better support, encourage, coach and empower you in coming together as a Band of Brothers and reaching out to men in your area.

For more information, please contact Rob by email:

Visit the CVM Website here:

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